Our newly founded chapter currently has 75 members and is rapidly growing. Below is a list of founding members we would like to thank for their support in forming our chapter.

Founding Members (listed alphabetically by last name):

Barbara Acosta
Marisa Baskin (Founding Programming Chair)
Jane Bjerklie-Barry
Pat Blakeslee
Henry Block
Lulu Churchill
Marcia Coakley (Founding Outreach Chair)
Rob Joynt
Cristina de la Vega (Founding Development Chair)
Amy Jensen (Chapter Cofounder)
Amber Lewis of Rooted Elements
Cindy Lang
Sara Melanson of Rooted Elements
Peggy Mayfield
Osvaldo Monzon
Cayla Mäki-Pittman (Chapter Cofounder)
Chelsea Plimpton (Founding Secretary)
Emily Rogals
Maria Rossi
Anne Sagaris
Rachel Thompson (Founding Treasurer)
Tracy Weber of Blue Aster Native Plants