Wild Ones Midcoast Maine is the first local chapter of the national Wild Ones organization in the state of Maine. We serve Knox, Waldo, Lincoln, and Sagadahoc counties. Membership in our chapter, is open to all regardless of their resident status in the midcoast area or state. We welcome all who are interested in joining.

Our seedling chapter was founded February 9, 2023 by a restoration ecologist and an ecological gardener. We are currently seeking new members to join our chapter, having successfully chartered during Maine’s Native Plant Month in April, on the 22nd, Earth Day, 2023.

Benefits of joining Wild Ones Midcoast Maine

  1. Connect with national and local organizations and glean professional resources through the websites, press releases and newsletters.
  2. Watch interesting and educational webinars.
  3. Participate in quarterly meetings with the 60 fellow Midcoast Maine Members and 6 board members.
  4. Cultivate your knowledge in native plants and gardening practices through weekly local walks.
  5. Meet and learn about the local native plant nurseries.
  6. Participate in influencing action – local, state and national.
  7. Join a community and meet people with similar interests.
  8. Engage in activities that make a difference for the health of our planet.
  9. Learn about the benefits of native plants and how they: sequester, or remove, carbon from the air, require less water and no fertilizers or pesticides.
  10. Observe how native plants provide shelter and food for wildlife including beneficial insects that we need!
  11. Plant natives to help increase biodiversity, a necessity for the health of our ecosystems.
  12. Maintain the knowledge of native plants and promote stewardship of our natural heritage.