Wild Ones Midcoast Maine Spring 2024 Updates

Upcoming WOMM events – Mark Your Calendars:

Special Sunday this weekend – WOMM at downtown Rockland Sunday Stroll, May 15 11:00-5:00

Wednesday, May 22 – WOMM Native Plant & Seed SWAP, 17 Spear Street, Rockport 10:30-12:00

Friday, May 31Stewardship Educational Alliance–SEA Fair, C–R Middle School, Camden 12:00-4:00

Wednesday, June 5 – WW&T visit to Crystal Lake Farm & Nursery 10:30

Thursday, July 18 – WOMM Native Plant workshop with Camden Garden Club 1:00

Wednesday, August 7 – (tentative) WW&T visit to Blue Aster Native Plants 10:30

Thursday, September 5 – Speaker series with Amy Thomas, Camden Public Library 5:30

WOMM hosts a Native Plant Swap

Bring all plants bare-root to avoid the exchange of jumping worms and other unwelcome visitors or disease.

Please wash or soak roots to remove all soil, and bring your plants wrapped well in wet sawdust or newspaper or in a container of water. We will also have sawdust available for you to pack items. If you are new to gardening or without a plant to share, no worries, come anyway.

Raspberries, Apple Mint, chives, goldenrod, aster, skunk cabbage are a few plants Lynn will share, along with others provided by members.

You are also invited to explore the gardens of Roots n Shoots and catch a glimpse of: Water Barrel Irrigation, Vernal Pools, Brush Piles, Composting, Gardening on Rock, Rain Gardens, Invasive Species Eradication, Native Plant ID, and Backyard Wildlife Certifications.

We look forward to lively exchanges with others interested in encouraging native Maine plants, as well as discussion about how @wildonesmidcoastmaine can best provide programming of most interest to you.

***Thank you to everyone who came to our Earth Day celebration in Rockport. It wonderful to meet other native plant healthy environment supporting folks and to share information and fun.***

Wild Ones Midcoast Maine, in partnership with Roots n Shoots Nature Base After School Program in Rockport and SEA (Stewardship Education Alliance), invite you to this celebration of the Earth on Sunday April 21, 2024.

Bring your family and friends for learning, building, celebrating, digging, feeding, hiking, scavenger hunting, playing, and more. Tell someone you know about this event!

WOMM Wednesday Walk & Talks Resume

Join WOMM for talks and walks. We will be visiting area nurseries, nature preserves, conservation districts, supporting area organizations, volunteering, clearing invasives, planting natives and always learning.

*Special Sunday this weekend – WOMM will be at downtown Rockland Sunday Stroll, May 15 11:00-5:00 when Main Street will be closed to vehicles / pedestrian friendly for shopping, and visiting with organizations, businesses, and more.

May 22Wild Ones Midcoast Maine hosts a Native Seed & Plant SWAP! With extra care to prevent any unwanted critters tagging along, all plants must be supplied in bare-root form. Hose down all roots and wrap in damp newspaper or wood shavings before you come. WOMM will also provide damp wood chips/saw dust to provide plants a protected trip home. 10:30 AM-12:00

May 31Stewardship Education AllianceSEA Fair 12:00-4:00, Camden-Rockport Middle School
34 Knowlton Street, Camden. Free educational fair with 30 environmental organizations and agencies

June 5 – Native Plant Nursery visit with Crystal Lake Farm & Nursery 10:30–11:30 AM
246 Youngs Hill Road, Washington. Crystal Lake Farm & Nursery specializes in native trees and shrubs, and we look forward to learning more about their native plants mission and efforts, and how we call all successfully integrate greater biodiversity and sustainability into our landscapes.

Additional Thursday – July 18, 1:00 PM hands-on workshop in collaboration with the Camden Garden Club

August 7 – Native Plant Nursery visit at Blue Aster Native Plants 10:30 AM

Wild Ones Midcoast Maine Speaker series continues on September 5, 2024.

WOMM Speaker Series continues in the Fall in preparation for the Wild Ones Midcoast Maine Native Plants Sale at Camden Public Library on Thursday September 15, 2024, Amy Thomas will present on Thursday, September 5, in collaboration with the regular Library series.

Amy Thomas, WOMM Program Chair, MSW, MNRD, will present “Ecological Principles to Create Aesthetically Beautiful Wildlife Habitat Using Native Plants – No Matter Your Garden Size“.
This presentation is geared to any size yard or property, urban or rural.

We’ll begin with a brief overview of the ecological and environmental benefits and importance of using native plants in landscapes and gardens.

We’ll explore the differences between “cultivars,” “nativars” and “true native” plants, and each of their possible potential impacts on pollinators and wildlife.

Next we’ll enjoy a list of side-by-side photo comparisons of “Plant This, Not That,” identifying some basic alternative native species which make transitioning portions of your garden to natives easy. The native species in this section have been selected for their similar visual characteristics, bloom time and foliage shapes of often seen cultivars, but possess pollinator / wildlife enhancing qualities cultivars lack.

We will also discuss local nursery sources for safely grown native plants, and have some time for Q&A.

A Facebook Live will provide online access and a posted recording following the event.

Join with these experts as we learn how we can improve our landscapes and gardens, encouraging native plants and pollinators.

Wild Ones Midcoast Maine chapter’s Camden Native Plant Celebration & Sale is returns Fall of 2024.

Thank you to everyone who was interested in and supportive of our Camden Native Plant Celebration and Sale efforts. While we missed 2023, we will continue with our Fall date, September 15, 2024.

Please consider a volunteer position with our chapter or for any event. Send a message: <[email protected]>

Pictured: Black Eyed Susan (rudbekia hirta) image by Lisa Looke, Wild Seed Project

Please Join Us September 15, 2024


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We promote environmentally friendly, sound landscaping to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration, and establishment of native plant communities in Midcoast Maine.

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